Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pearl Jam on Rock Band 2 Wii, Downloadable

Here's the list of the songs available for in-game download for Rock Band 2 for the Wii.
  • Pearl Jam "Once"
  • Pearl Jam "Even Flow"
  • Pearl Jam "Why Go"
  • Pearl Jam "Black"
  • Pearl Jam "Jeremy"
  • Pearl Jam "Oceans"
  • Pearl Jam "Porch"
  • Pearl Jam "Garden"
  • Pearl Jam "Deep"
  • Pearl Jam "Release"
  • Pearl Jam "Master/Slave"
  • Devo "Through Being Cool"
  • Faith No More "We Care A Lot"
  • Fall Out Boy "I Don't Care"
Source: Rock Band 2 For Wii Adds Pearl Jam, Randomness.

Easy Left 4 Dead Expert Campaign? More Like Left 12 Dead..

Having trouble with Left 4 Dead campaign on expert? Well you can try this modification that you can call Left 12 Dead by playing with 12 players, including yourself, against the zombie horde, but the process to do that I think is not for the fainthearted.

More info: Left 4 Dead? More Like Left 12 Dead.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Preview Site

A teaser website for Squeenix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Wii can be found at http://www.thecrystalbearers.com and the funny thing here is that more content will come with more user clicks. I don't know what the point is with that, maybe they're just testing how good their online advertisements are. So right now there's nothing to do but click the link and check that site.

Resident Evil 5 Zippo Lighter

Do you like to smoke? Do you like Resident Evil 5? Then this lighter's for you if you got the $127 to spare, the official BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) lighter from Zippo.

Source: The Hundred Dollar Resident Evil Zippo.

PS2 Price Cut to $99

A Playstation 2 price cut doesn't really do much for the industry compared to if they did it on their latest console the Playstation 3. It's a given that price cuts happen to consoles who stayed long in the market and the PS2 is the current oldest in this generation. Actually it is already considered last gen by standards. Here's a qoute from Microsoft regarding Sony's claim that that this move will drive more players to the Playstation brand.

"This move from Sony at the end of the PS2's life cycle is not unexpected. We believe, however, that the future lies in the growth of current generation consoles and Xbox 360, as the fastest growing games console last year, with sales up over 80 per cent, will continue to drive the market."

Well, who really cares about the PS2 at this point in time. Gamers want new games, gamers want games for the PS3, gamers want a PS3 price cut, period.

Source: Microsoft Discounts PS2 Price Cut.

Welcome to Wii Yoga

Another family game has been announced for Wii, well it's not really a family game but in the same ranks as last year's Wii Fit in the sense that it's also a fitness game. Soon Wii Yoga will be available which also uses the Wii Balance Board for all your yoga needs. But like Wii Fit I don't think people of all ages will embrace this new idea.

Source: Finally A Dedicated Wii Yoga Game.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DIY Tournament Sticks

Here's another one of those DIY mods, this time it's a cheap version of the Tournament Sticks used for fighting games like Street Fighter IV, compared to the costly official gaming pads that are in the range of $300, this one will just bleed you around $40 but you may need some electronics knowledge to be successful.

Source: Kick Ass with Shoebox Fight Sticks.

Periodic Table of Controllers

Want some history of console gaming? Well, not really the whole of console gaming but only the controller part. Here's the periodic table of controllers where you'll find some history and the changes that have been made throughout the years.

Source: Now, the Periodic Table of Controllers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dead Space, Resident Evil 4 Rip-Off?

Dead Space borrowed the essential parts of the much appreciated series and from there refined some points for innovation. Copying somebody's work and then working on enhancements is never a bad thing as the game's producer said, than creating a totally new game with too much innovation that players tend to get lost. It's the way to incorporate the good things from the past to the continuous enhancement of the future.

Source: How Dead Space Wisely Ripped-Off Resident Evil 4.

Blizzard's New IP?

Aside from their main franchises Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft along with the "Next-Gen MMO" they're creating, it seams another new Blizzard IP is on its way. The source of this rumor is connected to the new job postings on Blizzard's website. The job description states they are seeking experienced client and gameplay engineers "to focus on graphics and other client systems for an unannounced title." Be this good news, I can't stop but think about the Starcraft and Diablo sequel still not out on shelves. I really don't care what new IPs they're creating, just release new games and we'll be fine. More information: Is Blizzard Working On A Fifth Game?.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum Hands-On at GDC '09

A new episode is coming for the dark knight, but this time it will only be available as a game franchise and not in the movies. Batman: Arkham Asylum will be the caped crusader's latest adventure and so far we're seeing great results. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is solid (this game also uses the Unreal Engine 3) and we're just hoping that this will still ring true once the game is actually released. Hands-On experience: GDC 2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum Hands-On Impressions.

Battlefield 1943 Hands-On at GDC '09

A downloadable only game is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the PC: Battlefield 1943. This is the latest outing for the battlefield franchise and it will be available anytime this summer. For hands-on preview: GDC 2009: Battlefield 1943 Updated Hands-On.

Professor Layton Sequel 'The Diabolical Box'

Do you know who Professor Layton is? If you do then you probably have played the DS game Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Good news because of the popularity of the game outside Japan, where it was made, the sequel Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will hit our stores in six months time. Now time to get those brain juices flowing again to be ready answering riddles once we get our hands on the game. Source: A Clue: Level 5 Lets Layton Sequel Hints Drop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Game Developers Choice Awards '09: Fallout 3 wins GOTY, Little Big Planet numerous awards

For the GDC '09 Game Developers Choice Awards, the Game of the Year award goes to Bethesda Softworks' Fallout 3 while many others go to Media Molecule's Little Big Planet and a lifetime achievement award goes to Metal Gear Solid's creator Hideo Kojima. For other awards and full coverage, check it out here: GDC 2009: Fallout 3, LBP win big at GDCAs, Modern Warfare 2 teased.

Crytek's CryENGINE 3 Preview

A new crytek engine is on its way: CryENGINE3 which further enhances the good graphics seen on games like Crysis for the PC. The good thing here is that this engine can now run across multiple platforms particularly Xbox360 and PS3 so we can expect games with better high definition visuals in the future for the home consoles. For sample pics to drool on: New CryENGINE 3 Trailer, Screens.

Valkyria Chronicles Anime Series

Vakyria Chronicles will get it own anime series. The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures under the direction of Yasutaka Yamamoto (episode director of xxxHOLiC: Kei, Big Windup!). The theme song will be sung by Canadian Catherine St. Onge, who won the 2nd All-Japan Anison Grand Prix singing contest. Check out the teaset trailer here: Watch The Valkyria Chronicles Anime Trailer.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Trailer

After going back to World War II setting in World at War, Call of Duty returns to the modern era war this year with Modern Warfare 2. Check out the teaser trailer here: http://gdc.gamespot.com/video/6206769/?tag=topslot;thumb;1.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DSi-only and DSi-enhanced cards = Goodbye old DS

Previously were always talking about what's good with the new upcoming Nintendo DSi, now here's some bad news; well not really bad news but only for those who already own the original DS or the DSLite. The bad news is that Nintendo announced DSi-only and DSi-enhanced cartridges will be coming out soon. DSi-only means of course those games will only work for the DSi and DSi-enhanced means it will still work with old DS systems but it will have additional functionality with the new DSi. This really sucks because the bottom line here is that to experience those new features you have to shell out some cash. Now to sell that old DS..

Source: GDC09: DSi-only and DSi Enhanced cards announced.

Street Fighter IV best and worst characters by the fans

Here's the list by ranking of the favorite characters in Street Fighter IV by the fans. Now that's the reason why most of the time I get paired up with Sagat when I play online matches. Source: An Updated List Of The Best, And Worst, Street Fighter IV Characters.

Resistance 2 Downloadable Content

Resistance 2 has new downloadable contents coming. Some of it are free and some are not. The free content will come as a patch required for the game which will probably fix some areas of the game and come with other bonuses, and the paid one will come in the form of the Aftermath map pack, which is a collection of maps for more online multiplayer madness. The map pack will cost $5.99, and to warrant the purchase, check out the preview here: GDC 2009: Resistance 2 DLC Impressions.

Nintendo Wii System Menu 4.0

A new system update will be available for the Wii which lets users backup their arcade games to an SD memory card. Because of the little storage capacity of the Wii, this addition will let users download more WiiWare from their shop even if they've already maxed out their Wiis. And it will also enable the Wii to work with memory cards of up to 32GB in capacity. Source: Nintendo launches Wii System Menu 4.0, including SD card WiiWare playback.

Motion Sensing Controller for the Xbox360

The motion sensing controller rumored before for the Xbox360 wasn't a joke as it was showcased today at the GDC 2009. It's called the GameTrak Freedom motion controller. The funny thing here is that Microsoft is really trying to get to Nintendo territory which many gamers think isn't necessary. People are already enjoying games with their ergonomic 360 controller, but imagine playing Gears or Halo with that thing, I'm not sure it will be half as fun. But on the other hand maybe it is just meant for some games and not all which makes the controller an optional hardware purchase which means another lame expenditure for us. And another funny thing is that the same controller will be available for the PS3 too but at a much later date. I mean, come on man, be original. Source: GDC09: GameTrak Freedom motion controller detailed.

Pokemon Platinum (DS)

Pokemon Platinum, like Diamond and Pearl before it will probably stay as DS's top game for a long time, you know how Pokemon does that right? But for those not in the know, Platinum will still be in the same world as the previous two, with just new Pokemons and some plot twists there, so in a sense it will just feel like a downloadable content of some sort. But for Pokemon fans and maybe newcomers this will still be a good play for the long run as this game really has that factor that makes it addictive even if it's just old school turn based RPG; the reason may somehow be connected to the "Gotta Catch 'em Call" slogan of the franchise as the collecting part may be what keeps the fans coming back for more. So more pokemon simply means more to collect and finally, more hours of playtime.

A Game Guide for those new players can be found here: Pokemon Platinum Version Primer Guide.

Suikoden Tierkreis (DS)

If you like RPGs, especially those were you can recruit up to 100+ members, then you've definitely played a Suikoden game. A new title is out now for the DS: Suikoden Tierkreis. The good news here is that you'll be able to play Suikoden with the stylus which adds a new experience, but the not-that-good news is nothing much have been added to the gameplay where you'll still be playing a turn-based game with a little strategy most of the time. For full review, check it out here: Suikoden Tierkreis Review.

Spectrobes: Origins for Wii

A cool colorful game is heading to the Wii, Spectrobes: Origins which continues from the Spectrobes in DS lets you fight your way through galaxies with your light-emmiting friends aptly called spectrobes. It plays like other active time RPGs which you may already be familiar with but with a little splash of Pokemon as you'll collect and upgrade your spectrobe friends. This looks like a promising game for the Wii platform as there seems nothing exciting is coming out for the Wii as of now. If you've played and enjoyed the Spectrobes on the DS this might be a sure buy for you but even for newcomers alike this might be a welcome addition to your wish list this year. Source: GDC 2009: Spectrobes: Origins First Look.

New Gears Of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack

A new map pack will be available for Gears Of War 2 this March 31st which will extend your experience for this already good shooter. The maps included are Courtyard, Under Hill, Fuel Depot (which was already available from the original Gears Of War) and Grind Yard. Hands-on review here: GDC 2009: Gears of War 2 - Snowblind Map Pack Hands-On.

The Japanese are less interested in video games

Did they had enough of gaming already? Or they just grew up? But one thing I'm sure is that games are not just for kids but for adults too. But will this mean less games coming out from Japan, especially those nice jRPGs and games by big gaming companies such as Capcom and Konami. This is really bad news for the gaming community if anything but luckily right now the effect would still not be felt. But I'm guessing some of the respondents "maybe" just thinks ahead because of the current economic crisis that they scratched of gaming off their list of priorities for now. I'm hoping maybe. Source: Japanese People Are Less Interested In Video Games.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MMOG revenues continue to rise despite economic crisis

Here's the top 10 Most Popular Subscription Games in Terms of Spending
1) World of Warcraft
2) Club Penguin
3) RuneScape
4) Eve Online
5) Final Fantasy XI
6) The Lord of the Rings Online
7) Dofus
8) Age of Conan
9) City of Heroes
10) EverQuest II

It's good to note that WOW alone can drive MMO's to the top as it has continuously dominated everything in terms of sales and player quantity. More news here: Study: MMOG revs top $1.4 billion in 2008.

OnLive makes constantly upgrading your PC obsolete

You may never need an upgrade to your PC or buy a new console ever again but still play the latest and greatest, high-speced games. How does it work? There's this little micro console called OnLive previewed at the GDC '09. Will this really work?, well.. no ones that sure at this point in time. Read more here: OnLive Makes PC Upgrades Extinct, Lets You Play Crysis On Your TV.

Tomoharu Saito wins Grand Prix Singapore

Tomoharu Saito wins the latest extended Grand Prix Singapore. He piloted the Naya Zoo deck to the top spot. Here's the decklist:

Main Deck
60 cards

4 Bloodstained Mire
1 Forest
1 Mountain
1 Plains
2 Sacred Foundry
3 Stomping Ground
1 Temple Garden
4 Windswept Heath
4 Wooded Foothills
21 lands

3 Gaddock Teeg
1 Isamaru, Hound of Konda
4 Kird Ape
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Tarmogoyf
4 Wild Nacatl
4 Woolly Thoctar
24 creatures

2 Incinerate
4 Lightning Helix
4 Path to Exile
3 Seal of Fire
2 Umezawa's Jitte
15 other spells


1 Ancient Grudge
3 Oblivion Ring
4 Pyrostatic Pillar
3 Ranger of Eos
1 Rule of Law
3 Volcanic Fallout
15 sideboard cards

For the full report visit: Saito Slaughters Singapore.

Wii Motion Plus bundles with other games

You may have heard of this Wii Motion Plus add on for your WiiMotes and the Wii Sports Resort game that will come bundled with it. But sadly that game's not coming out yet so Nintendo will be bundling the said piece of hardware with other games. Is this a move to earn more bucks or maybe an excuse to delay the said game? Source: Rumor: EA bundling MotionPlus with Grand Slam Tennis in Europe.

PS3 Dev Kit Price Cut for Developers

While people were still waiting for a PS3 price drop, Sony actually did have a price drop, but not in the console itself mind you but in their Playstation Dev Kit. What does this do to help gamers? Well actually nothing unless you're also a game developer, and maybe just maybe, this will help create more good games for the PS3 platform. But don't get your hopes up, the effect of this will be felt a little bit far in the future. More news: Sony introduces a new PS3 dev kit for bargain shoppin' developers.

Unboxing the Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Xbox360

You may have heard of this limited edition Resident Evil 5 Elite Xbox360, here's some pics of unboxing the sweet thing. But the first image may really turn you off because it looks like it went through the hands of multiple majinis. Source: 'Resident Evil 5' Xbox 360 unboxing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alara Reborn Intro Packs

The upcoming third expansion Alara Reborn has new intro packs now previewed on the Magic Website. Check them out here: Alara Reborn Intro Packs.

Top Games of February 2009

Top 20 Games Overall, February 2009


for full list: February's Top-Selling Games, Accessories By Platform.

Sony ceasing PS3 supply in South Korea

The reason is that some Japanese are trying to get their PS3's from abroad rather than in their own country because it is cheaper and Sony says this is counter productive considering that those consoles originated from Japan. I wouldn't blame Sony for this move because right now their still struggling to bring back the Playstation brand to the console gaming top spot and this activity by Japanese tourist would just hurt them more in the long run. Source: Korean Report: Sony Halting PS3 Supply.

Japanese gamers satisfied with their Xbox360's

According to a Japanese magazine, more gamers in the land of the rising sun are satisfied with their Xbox360's than their PS3's or Wii's. But this report won't really determine who's who in their gaming industry because of the quantity of Xbox360 owners in Japan which is relatively low. I can safely say that maybe those that own an Xbox360 liked their console more than those that own the others and I think this can be attributed with the Xbox's Live service and their good library of games available. For the complete article, check this out: Japanese Gamers More Satisfied With Xbox 360 Than Wii Or PS3.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Godfather II The Game

The sequel to the first Godfather game is coming out, I admit I enjoyed the Wii version of the first one (Blackhand Edition). Anyway I know that you know that this game can be said to be another ripoff of Grand Theft Auto but still I enjoy being a mobster and expanding influence in the godfather way more than the gangster thug style of GTA. I hope it will come with the same appeal as the first one but more features, maybe online?, to keep the experience exciting and true to the name.

Super Nintoaster

What's up with all these console modifications anyway? By mod I mean case mods and not the illegal ones by the way. Now we'll see a cross between Super Nintendo and a toaster. For the full article and video follow this link: Super Nintoaster gets us all ready for the N64toaster.

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360)

If you can get over the old school controls and the dumb coop partner AI, you'll likely find Resident Evil 5 a great game. The only thing the controls benefit from is to make the player feel like playing the old RE games once more, but good thing everything aside from that is already up-to-date. I really liked the rocket launcher look like the ones used in real life and not that four slotted one that I wonder how the hell a girl as slim as Jill could carry that thing. The visuals too are also amazing that sometimes I get hit because I was distracted by the real-looking scenery. Now for the coop AI part, I wish it could've been better, I hated that Sheva always run ahead just to destroy those crates when I'm trying my best to stealth our way across the enemies. And sometimes she helps me sometimes she don't which kinda sucks as it makes me feel lucky if she'd saved me from an enemy; which brings us now to the online coop part which will definitely make things better because two heads are better than one head with an AI.

The story of course is amazing and for those religiously following the series will finally bring you a nice narrative to what happened to their original enemy. Now regarding achievements, this is an easy 930GS I could say as the only hard part of the game is the professional difficulty, and finishing that nets you the final 70GS for your perfect 1000/1000. The game becomes easier once you have the infinite ammos; and also by finishing it under five hours will give you the infinite rocket launcher, but still even with those bonuses the pro difficulty will still give you a hard time.

Final words, if you've liked the previous RE games then you really should try this one out, and also for those who have yet to try an RE game but liked the RE movies, I'd say this is better than the somewhat off-story in the movies. Resident Evil 5 is available for the Xbox360 and the PS3.

For help in achievements, take look at this link: Resident Evil 5 Achievement Guide.

Patapon 2 (PSP)

The sequel to the best rhythm game out there, well maybe it's just one of a kind, is already out. Patapon 2 returns you as the Almighty to command your Patapon tribe. Now we need to get our body counting again to the beat of their drums and hear them shout "Fever!" once more. Here's a link to the review: Patapon 2 Review.

Resistance: Retribution (PSP)

Don't have a PS3? Then you've missed out on one of the best first person shooters out there. The Resistance series is a great shooter in the same ranks as Xbox's Halo franchise. But now you have the chance to try it out even if you don't own a PS3 because a new Resistance game is on the PSP: Resistance Retribution. For a full review visit: http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/resistanceworkingtitle/review.html. Now I need to get me an Auger and start mowing down on those chimeras.

Xbox360™ Regional Compatibility Guide

Great site that lists Xbox360 games region compatibility.

Link: http://forum.xbox-sky.com/xbox360_regional_compatibility_guide/

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bioshock2 to be released across three platforms simultaneously

Bioshock 2 is to be released simultaneously across the PC, Xbox360 and the PS3. This is good news for PS3 owners who only had the chance to play the first game after a year of being released on the PC and Xbox360. More news here: BioShock2 "simultaneous" release.

Nintendo DSi greatest feature

The slightly larger screens, thinner body, dual cameras and memory card slot is not really the main feature of the new Nintendo DSi, but the DSi Shop. Just like their Wii's WiiWare or PS3's PSN and Xbox360's XBL Marketplace, the best selling handheld will now come with their own online store. This is good news for those looking for other games not available in retail and maybe some DLC's to extend the life of their current game library. But because the DSi is not really a new handheld, it's just like Gameboy Advanced's GBA SP upgrade, I still think it will not appeal that much to current owners of the DSLite. Maybe for casual gamers and some girls hooked to the DS, but for hardcore gamers enjoying their Xbox360/PS3 I think it's a pass. Link to this topic: Nintendo working up "major app strategy" for DSi?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 preview coming March 24

Just like Ninja Gaiden's sequel to the Xbox360: Ninja Gaiden 2, now comes Ninja Gaiden Sigma's sequel for the PS3: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Not much yet was revealed about the game but Tecmo said those details will come in starting March 24. I'm somehow excited that Dead Or Alive's Ayane will be a playable character in this one. Original post: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 set for fall.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

If you've played Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlord, a sequel to the game is coming out. Well it's not actually a sequel storywise, just a follow up to the Puzzle Quest IP. It's amazing how they managed to incorporate simple puzzling with RPG elements into one addicting package. I'm just hoping this one is as good if not better than the last. In Galaxtrix we'll see if puzzles and outer space is a good match. Review found here: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC Review: Lost In Space.

DLCs for Valkyria Chronicles

If you've enjoyed the game you can add more value to your purchase because Sega is going to release 3 new DLC packs for Valkyria Chronicles. This is pretty good considering the game's on the short side when it comes to the story, remember this game is an RPG, and most of the time your just watching short cutscenes. For details regarding the DLCs follow this link (Valkyria Chronicles Getting Triple Deployment Of DLC).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Online Versus Mode To Cost $4.99

Resident Evil 5 charges $4.99 for online versus mode. Yes you heard it right, you have to cough up the dough if you want to experience what is commonplace among action/shooter games in the gaming industry. Good thing versus mode in Street Fighter IV is free. I don't know what to think of Capcom if this kind of thing continues in their future releases, I mean come on man, look at Left 4 Dead with their free online modes and their free additional downloadable content. What's up with that? Source: Capcom defends $5 RE5 Versus mode.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Xbox 360 Outsells Wii, PS3 In Japan

- quote -

Xbox 360 Outsells Wii, PS3 In Japan
By Michael McWhertor, 12:30 PM on Thu Feb 26 2009

How did Microsoft manage to sell more Xbox 360s than the competition this week in Japan? With a little help from Square Enix's Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

The role-playing game shot the Xbox 360 from its regular second-to-last place showing to third—it was still behind the Nintendo DSi and PSP—besting sales of both Nintendo and Sony's console hardware. The 360 had previously kicked its console competition to the curb thanks to strong sales of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery.

This represents the fourth week that Microsoft has managed to outsell its competition in Japan.
    * Nintendo DSi - 41,839
    * PSP - 29,552
    * Xbox 360 - 25,334
    * Wii - 16,973
    * PlayStation 3 - 16,149
    * Nintendo DS Lite - 9,975
    * PlayStation 2 - 5,029

As you can see there was much to compete with, as weekly sales of the Wii and PS3 were on the lower end of Media Create's numbers. Still, it keeps things interesting in a regularly dull hardware race.

- end quote -

source: http://kotaku.com/5161009/xbox-360-outsells-wii-ps3-in-japan

Is this really happening? Well it just did happen anyway. Aside from that xbox thing, I noticed that the DS and PSP are on top of the list, meaning more people still prefer handhelds over home consoles, which means more gamers are still for past-time gaming than hardcore gaming.