Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motion Sensing Controller for the Xbox360

The motion sensing controller rumored before for the Xbox360 wasn't a joke as it was showcased today at the GDC 2009. It's called the GameTrak Freedom motion controller. The funny thing here is that Microsoft is really trying to get to Nintendo territory which many gamers think isn't necessary. People are already enjoying games with their ergonomic 360 controller, but imagine playing Gears or Halo with that thing, I'm not sure it will be half as fun. But on the other hand maybe it is just meant for some games and not all which makes the controller an optional hardware purchase which means another lame expenditure for us. And another funny thing is that the same controller will be available for the PS3 too but at a much later date. I mean, come on man, be original. Source: GDC09: GameTrak Freedom motion controller detailed.

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