Saturday, August 22, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox360 might ship with 3 or more discs

Hey, no big deal, Lost Odyssey had 4 discs. What's important is that more gamers can play the game from across the globe.

Source: kotaku

Friday, August 21, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Art Leak

Concept art for Valkyria Chronicles 2 inks its way out to the media in which the game will come out this winter in Japan for the PSP, I hope they will do it for home consoles too not just on a handheld. But still a nice game coming up.

Diablo III Update, the Monk

Fresh news from BlizzCon, another character revealed for Diablo III: the Monk.

Source: kotaku

Make Profit for Map Mods when Starcraft II comes out

To all those hardcore gamers, that do not only want to play their favorite games but also contribute to the community, here's your chance to make some profit off of it, but no details were given by Blizzard yet. According to a Blizzard exec "This is really an opportunity for them to share in the rewards of our success."

Source: kotaku

Price Cut on Xbox360 Elite

We've seen Sony do an amazing move when it comes to bringing down the price of their console in the official announcement of the PS3 slim. Now Microsoft will do its part, but of course it not an Xbox Slim so don't keep your hopes up, but just a price cut to their Elite console.

Source: kotaku