Friday, March 20, 2009

Nintendo DSi greatest feature

The slightly larger screens, thinner body, dual cameras and memory card slot is not really the main feature of the new Nintendo DSi, but the DSi Shop. Just like their Wii's WiiWare or PS3's PSN and Xbox360's XBL Marketplace, the best selling handheld will now come with their own online store. This is good news for those looking for other games not available in retail and maybe some DLC's to extend the life of their current game library. But because the DSi is not really a new handheld, it's just like Gameboy Advanced's GBA SP upgrade, I still think it will not appeal that much to current owners of the DSLite. Maybe for casual gamers and some girls hooked to the DS, but for hardcore gamers enjoying their Xbox360/PS3 I think it's a pass. Link to this topic: Nintendo working up "major app strategy" for DSi?

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