Monday, March 9, 2009

The new rarity in Magic: Mythic

In connection with the previous post, there's also a new card rarity available in Magic: The Gathering.. the Mythic rares. Yes, it's much rarer than rares in like appearing only once in about eight booster packs, but one thing I'm sure of is not every mythic rare is uber powered, it's just that those cards feel well.. mythic. Also because of this harder to get cards now included in sets starting with Shards of Alara block, I think this new rarity is the reason for driving new cards to be high in prices, like above the $20 range. Even the Ravnica block dual lands did'nt top that $20 mark, so I think it really sucks especially for budget gamers, but overall for the community, I think it's doing a great service by keeping the game fresh and healthy. For card odds approximation, check out the official post by Magic: The Gathering (Changes as of Shards of Alara).

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