Monday, March 9, 2009

Rocking out with your keyboards through Jam Legend

With Guitar Hero and Rock Band's musical game franchises followed by Konami's Rock Revolution to finish the equation, now comes another one into the fray.. it's called Jam Legend ( which is somewhat sort of a dumbed down version with simple flash graphics and keyboards (the one on top of your computer desk) as instruments, will we see a change in the trend for this rockers' genre?

First of all, I personally haven't tried playing this new game yet but from what I've heard and seen I think this one is more of a past-time game when your in front of your PCs and doesn't have anything to do or too hooked up at youtube for your own good, than the real rocking feeling that games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band offers. I still would like to play with real-life looking musical instruments , especially the drums, than the keyboard I used to write this very own blog. Yes they say you can play Jam Legend anywhere there's a computer, but would you really play it on a laptop inside a coffee shop? Or in a public wi-fi access point and not looking awkward in the process? Yes I'm a little bit biased right now because I haven't tried Jam Legend yet but I just saw an ad in their site that tells it's much better than Guitar Hero and all I can say is "really?" Graphics wise I don't see a Flash based rhythm game looking better, and the overall presentation is just too simple compared to the others. Both games have online competitive modes. The only thing I think they're better at is that theirs is just a free service using resources you already have.

I'll post an update to this topic once I've tried the game and got down my impressions for it.

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