Monday, March 9, 2009

Retroblog: No More Heroes (Wii)

Originally posted: May 11, '08

'No More Heroes'.. The title not catchy enough? Not sure what kind of game it is just by hearing its name? Okay I'll say it is an action adventure game.. still nothing? How about i say it mixes gangster action with Kill Bill style of decapitation and blood fountains? Now we're talking.. I'm still on the early parts of the game but from what i see the plot revolves around the hero Travis Touchdown (you) who's an an action-figure owning, porn-collecting, card-collecting obsessive with a punk rock and rebellious stance common in today's youth who needs to kill a ladder of assassins to rise to the top and become the number one assassin. Your weapon in this game would be somewhat of a light saber from Star Wars which you would use to decapitate and annihilate most of the enemies by doing crazy movement through your wii remote and nunchuk from now what seems common in most Wii games.

If you'd notice already through my description, this is definitely a game rated M for mature which is somewhat different for a console (Wii) catered to deliver for a younger or wider (wholesome) audience unlike the PS3/Xbox360, but for me, why bother complain, a hardcore game on any console is still a hardcore game for hardcore gamers, right?

Another funny thing in this game is the sound effects used which is something like the ones used in the old nintendo games dated back in the 80's in the same circa like Ice Climber, Elevator Action, orginal Mario Bros., etc.. but that is only for the sound effects, still the ones used for backgrounds are definitely amazing. Another one is the ringing and conversation from his cellphone calls which you can hear through the wii remote's speaker, this really adds to the experience of a unique game.. And lastly it's really hilarious when you come across save points which are manifested through toilet bowls, wherein you sit down before the memory save thing pops up, then getting up and tucking in your shirt and fastening your belt afterwards.. this is the kind of thing lacking in todays games.. creativity.. you'll find most of it in 'No More Heroes'.

So as a last word: if you have a wii and you like action adventures, hack-n-slash, violence, Kill Bill, Star Wars, assassins and would like to try something new, you should definitely get 'No More Heroes'..

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