Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Retroblog: Resistance 2 (PS3)

Orignally posted: Jan 23, '09

Resistance 2. An exclusive first person shooter for the PS3. At first glance you'd think this is their answer for the Xbox360's Gears Of War series but I can tell you that this game is more Halo-ish than Gears-ish (yeah I'm just inventing words but you get the idea). Why'd I say so?, simply because the enemies and weapons here are more futuristic, some weapons fire laser like blasts and the enemies somewhat look alike those found in Halo; and yes Gears has more badass weapons and enemies so it's pretty much different. Now that you get the idea and stop comparing Resistance and Gears for the first time, you'll soon find Resistance 2 a good game.

The campaign mode is a great experience, there's never a dull moment especially when you're faced with a great array of different kinds of enemies; and also when you're faced with gargantuan bosses. You'll know that Resistance 2 has one of the biggest boss found in a game when you hear other people comparing other games' boss sizes to it. Another excellent enemy you'll face is the chameleon, which hides itself in an area you'll be getting to when it will just show itself to instantly kill you, the only cue you get is the rustling sound and a little bit of imaginary outline as it comes closer to you. This is just a regular enemy in the game, so you're better off always ready with a shotgun or another strong close combat weapon just in case. Other enemies includes small flying UFOs to large titans (which can also kill with one-hit) and everything in between; and that's the action you'll mostly face in the campaign mode. Next, the weapons array is also cool, from exploding magnums, your regular SMGs and shotgun, to slow-mo sniper rifles to rockets launchers and nuclear weapons; but for me the best weapon in this game is the auger, an SMG type weapon which fires laser type blasts; but what got me hooked on this one is its ability to detect enemies behind walls while you're holding it and that its blasts can go through those same walls so nothing can hide in your slaughter and to top that off it also has a bonus frontal shield you can cast that covers you from regular bullets but can only be cast a number of times. Now you'll say, "hey that's cheating!", but remember that your enemies too can also wield this demon of a weapon.

Another good aspect of Resistance 2 is its online modes, especially the cooperative one which is different from other regular shooters in that it is totally a different game from the main campaign, so you'll get like 2 games in one in this package. And in those same online modes you also level up your characters so you can later return from where you left off and this somewhat gives more life to your online experience.

Now, if you ask me what's better between Gears 2 and Resistance 2, all I can say is that if you have an Xbox360 go get Gears Of War 2 and if you have a PS3 go get Resistance 2, but if you have both consoles then go grab both games because they are both good in their own ways.

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