Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Retroblog: Prince Of Persia (Xbox360)

Originally posted: Dec 22, '08

Prince Of Persia is an amazing game, it's what you call a full gaming experience, if only games have a standard to follow, this game's a good one to set it up. The visuals are amazing, sounds good, gameplay not that frustrating but at the same time still challenging, good for hardcore gamers and newcomers alike.

The plot is simple, you come from out of nowhere looking for your lost donkey and the next minute the end of the world is imminent, then you've discovered a beautiful lady, Elika, that seems to be the key to all that's happening around and she'll be your companion throughout the rest of the game. Fights are a little bit easy as every time it will always be a one-on-one battle if not two-on-one in your favor because Elika is always beside you and she's one form of your attacks. The only thing left now is the environment; yes there are plenty of jumps and acrobatic moves as what you'd expect from a Prince Of Persia game, but it's all manageable and not the least bit frustrating, as every time you fall to your demise (if you'd call that death because Elika saves you everytime you fall, but in the sense of the game that is what death is) you'll just be back to the last platform you stood at, and then you can try again as many times as you want until you succeed. I say the learning curve is about 20 minutes and then your set to one hell of an experience.

For the visuals, its really a refreshing treat to look at, imagine 2D characters on top of 3D background, the blending is amazing and never felt awkward, some might say Assassins' Creed's graphics is better as it's full 3D but for me I like this one better, it's like something fresh for the eyes, but anyway both those games are made by the same people at Ubisoft Montreal so there's no point really in comparing, I just really think what they did for this game's visuals is a good step for the Prince franchise instead of keeping it in the old style.

To finish the game, I think it only takes around 10 hours, so I can safely say you can finish it in a day, but I did it in 2 days as I have other things to do than gaming (I eat and sleep too just like you :lol:). Even though short it is still worth it and you can still extend your playing time by trying to collect light seeds around the sandbox, just like flags in Assassins' Creed; and not only that, you can try to play the game and do the "die less than a hundred times" achievement. This game is an easy 800 gamerscore as most achievements will come your way without even trying. As a final note, I recommend this game to anyone out there with an Xbox360, a PS3 or PC, a great game you should really experience, and since it's vacation time you really have no excuse not to play it.

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