Monday, March 9, 2009

Retroblog: Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)

Originally posted: Jun 15, '08

What can I say? This game is the reason I bought the PS3. Graphics, audio, gameplay and story are all superb. Maybe the graphics part will even be better if I'm using a real lcd hdtv and not just a tft panel one.

I don't think I have any more good (or bad) thing to say about this game that's already been said in different reviews from trusted gaming sites like gamespot, ign, gamepro, etc. But I'll share a couple of things I find cool about it. One is about the gameplay; I really like the way that you can choose to either go stealth or go Rambo on your missions and by doing one thing or the other you can still complete your goal. I'm more of the melee person so I really liked it when I can come out from hiding and just shoot holes on anything I see moving. By the way, Hideo Kojima said that there's really no such thing as a stealth game and that MGS is an action game; and for me action is all about shooting and stealth is just a complementary part that you can use to your advantage. Another one, I think this have been said a million times before, that MGS is like a movie, there's more cut scenes (and lengthy ones at that) than actual gameplay which you may or may not like (me I like :D) that really shows how big of a production it really is.

The only part that I don't like (or slightly don't like) is the mandatory installing to the hard disk. And I don't mean the one at the beginning of the game (first time boot) but for every chapter I think you need to install something that will take like 5 minutes or more. What happened to Blu-Ray? What about the Cell engine? But in the end who am I to complain? The moment I decided to buy a PS3, I should be ready for that.

All in all, one of the perfect games to come out this year (I hope many will still come). Perfect 10 like GTA4. A must play. A must buy. It's even a must buy a console for this game alone :D.

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