Monday, March 9, 2009

Retroblog: Gears Of War 2 (Xbox360)

Originally posted: Nov 17, '08

This game just reeks of action, in fact when it comes to the word "action" you can simply say Gears Of War 2 because this game is in itself the true meaning of action, from the first act of the game to the final act, it will keep you hanging off of your seat. Sadly the story mode is pretty short but still longer than the first gears; now even though short, the gameplay is nowhere lacking, from the hordes of locust always waiting for you just around the corner to the huge and overwhelming boss fights, there's really no second in the game where you can rest your fingers from mashing the controller.

I want to talk about the great plot of the game but in doing so I can't avoid spoilers so I'll just keep myself from talking about it but instead talk about the other features this game offers. First new weapons, yes there are new exciting weapons, from the mortar to the flamethrower to the torque bow, though I'm not sure if these were already in the first game. Next, you're not the only one who can do chainsaw kills but also your opponents, so when both of you do the chainsaw move at the same time, there will be a button mashing game to determine who will be ripped up to shreds. Another is the finishing moves for downed but not out enemies, now there are varieties and not just boot stomping, isn't that great, more fatality moves here. Next, when it comes to covering up your ass, here you just don't have the duck to nearby cover option, but you can use downed enemies and as meatshield and the shields dropped by mauler boomers for cover, but in doing so, just remember that you can only use handguns.

Besides from those features, there are still many multiplayer modes available, though I haven't tried them yet so I cannot include them here. But one great addition when it comes to achievements is that the game tracks them for you, so you're aware when your nearing completion of a certain achievement, it is really a great addition to an already excellent game. The only thing I don't like is the unlockable characters where you need something done in the first Gears to unlock them, which I thought Microsoft doesn't allow, but seems allowed in this game; as I don't want to replay the first game just to get these unlockables.

As a final word, If you own an Xbox 360, there is no way that you should be missing this game, definite must play, my vote for Game Of The Year, if not for Fallout 3 and the other great games coming this December. 6 out of 5 stars. Really.

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